Sezer Research laboratory is an interdisciplinary research group aiming to contribute to a better society and working at the interface of chemistry, medicine, biotechnology, and materials science to transferring novel technological outcomes from lab to clinics.
Our research is in the areas of drug discovery, drug delivery, pharmacology, tissue engineering, and regenerative medicine

Research Areas

  1. Drug delivery systems
  2. Hemostatic materials
  3. Blood compatible materials
  4. Neural, cardiac and hard tissue regeneration
  5. Anti-microbial modification of biomaterials
  6. Drug Discovery from Natural Sources
  7. Complementary and integrative  medicine

Current Research Projects

Cartilage Regeneration with Three Dimensional Woven Scaffolds

Dental Bone Grafts for Alveolar Bone Loss Therapy Using 3D Printer Technique

Multifunctional Composite Mesh for Surgical Operations

Medical use of cannabinoids

Nerve Guide Channels Containing Nanocellulose Effective in Peripheral Nerve Regeneration

Liposomal Drug Delivery Systems