November 2019 – Dr. Serdar Sezer give an invited talk about “Applications in Medical Materials Against Chemical and Biological Threats” at II. International CBRN Congress.

November 2019 – Dr. Umran Aydemir attended the 3 rd Traditional International Cosmetic Congress and gives a talk about “Safety of Dermal Fillers: A Perspective Based on Composition”

Sep 2019 – Our’s research showing a approach for Hemostatic Evaluation of Oxidized Cellulose Microparticles is online at Carbohydrate Polymers.

Aug 2019 – Our’s approach to Anti-Cancer Efficacy of Curcumin Loaded Gelatine Microparticles is online at Journal of Microencapsulation

July 2019 – Our’s approach to development of new hernia mesh composed of PP and biodegredable polymers  is online at Materials Science and Engineering: C

July 2019 – Our’s research showing a practicle method for Polyricinoleate synthesis and its biological activities is online at Journal of Applied Polymer Science.

July 2019 Our Project have been supported by TUBITAK 1003 priority areas research program. The aim of the project is to develop new generation Dental Bone Grafts for Treatment on Alveolar Bone Loss

July 2019 The group welcomes new PhD student Sibel.

June 2019 – Our Paper “A Versatile Method for Synthesis of Polyglycolic Acid: High Solubility and Tunable Molecular Weights” has been selected as the Cover Page Article of the Issue at the Polymer Journal – Nature

March 2019 – Cong. Team! Our’s research showing a versatile method for PGA synthesis is online at Nature Polymer Journal.

February 2019 – Our’s approach to the new class composite hernia mesh having biodegradable antiadhesion layer is online at Materials Science & Engineering C.

January 2019 – The group welcomes new PhD student Sena and, MS Student Eren.

September 2018 – The group welcomes new PhD students Hatice, Kamil and Oğuz.

August 2018 – The Sezer Research Laboratory was established.

May 2018 –  Dr. Sezer has moved to Faculty of Medicine, Suleyman Demirel University.